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Life Through Bombardment [Cofanetto 7 LP]





Artista: Eluvium
Anno prima pubblicazione: 2009
Etichetta: Temporary Residence Limited

Numero di dischi LP: 7

Sito Ufficiale: www.eluvium.net





Cofanetto Speciale del compositore di musiche ambientali Matthew Cooper in arte ELUVIUM. Box Rigido a forma di libro sfogliabile. Contiene Disegni artistici dello stesso autore, Inserti Colorati e 7 Vinili 180Grammi. Tiratura Limitata 1.000Copie.




Lambent Material
A1 The Unfinished 4:38
A2 Under The Water It Glowed 5:10
A3 There Wasn't Anything 4:41
B1 Zerthis Was A Shivering Human Image 15:35
B2 I Am So Much More Me That You Are Perfectly You 5:50

C1 An Accidental Memory 1:12
C2 Genius And The Thieves 2:27
C3 Perfect Neglect In A Field Of Statues 5:26
C4 Nepenthe 3:42
D1 In A Sense 1:46
D2 The Well-Meaning Professor 7:35
D3 An Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death 4:27

Talk Amongst The Trees
E1 New Animals From The Air 10:48
E2 Show Us Our Homes 4:47
E3 Area 41 0:59
F1 Everything To Come 5:41
F2 Calm Of The Cast-Light Cloud 5:31

G1 Taken 16:56
G2 We Say Goodbye To Ourselves 2:10
H1 One 7:44
H2 Swallows In The Bath 8:15

When I Live By The Garden And The Sea
I1 I Will Not Forget That I Have Forgotten 5:21
I2 As I Drift Off 3:48
I3 All The Sails 5:45
I4 When I Live By The Garden And The Sea 7:32

Indecipherable Text
J1 Untitled (For Piano) 4:07
J2 Untitled (For Orchestra) 5:29
J3 Untitled (For Rhodes And Tape) 7:41
J4 Carousel 5:20

K1 Amreik 3:18
K2 Indoor Swimming At The Space Station 10:29
K3 Seeing You Off The Edges 5:03
L1 Prelude For Time Feelers 5:49
L2 Requiem On Frankfort Ave. 2:41
L3 Radio Ballet 3:12
L4 (Intermission) 0:51

M1 After Nature 1:52
M2 Reciting The Airships 4:36
M3 Ostinato 6:09
N1 Hymn #1 1:32
N2 Repose In Blue 9:18


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