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Cliff Martinez



Far Cry 4 [Soundtrack 3xLP]






Artista: Cliff Martinez
Anno prima pubblicazione: 2015
Etichetta: Invada

Numero di dischi LP: 3



A1 Trial By Fire
A2 Welcome To Kyrat
A3 Into The Fire
A4 Sudden Trouble
A5 The Target
A6 Take Down
A7 No Respite
B1 Secrets Of The Goddess
B2 The Mountain Watches
B3 Unfamiliar Paths
B4 Awash In The Day
B5 Every Road An Exit
B6 The Hard Road
B7 One By One
B8 Sabal's Suite

C1 Predator's Way
C2 Here They Come
C3 Once More With Teeth
C4 Lives To Spare
C5 Royal Reception
C6 Prisoners Of Despair
C7 Amita's Rage
C8 The Moon's Light
D1 The Cooling Night
D2 Like A Tiger's Shadow
D3 Retreat Is A Victory
D4 Every Life, A New Warrior
D5 No One Left Behind
D6 No End To Them
D7 Amita's Suite

E1 Onto The Mountain That Walks
E2 The Great One
E3 To Face A Demon
E4 A Thing Of Legends
E5 Finding Our Way
E6 Under Kyrat's Stars
E7 The Horrors Of Men
F1 Victory By Inches
F2 What Is Sacred...
F3 Blood Of Faith
F4 A Sermon Of Bullets
F5 Painted In Blood
F6 The Whisper Of My Blade
F7 Bhadra's Suite

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