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Pete Seeger



Limited Edition Vinyl Set [Cofanetto 5xLP]







Artista: Pete Seeger
Anno prima pubblicazione: 2015
Etichetta: Let Them Eat Vinyl

Numero di dischi LP: 5





In occasione del Record Store Day 2015 l'etichetta discografica Let Them Eat Vinyl pubblica un cofanetto speciale del grande musicista folk e attivista PETE SEEGER. Il box include moltissime tra le più conosciute sue canzoni, come: "If I had a hammer" e "We shall overcome", ma anche le famose "Spoken Word" dedicate a Woody Guthrie. In vendita l'edizione speciale con 5 Vinili 180 Grammi alta qualità, tiratura limitata!





A1. Woody's Ghost - Part 1

A2. Pete Meets Woody (Spoken Word)

A3. Are There Any Mountains Near Here? (Spoken Word)

A4. Woody Writes "This Land Is Your Land" (Spoken Word)

A5. America Learns "This Land Is Your Land" (Spoken Word)

A6. My Big Education (Spoken Word)

A7. 66 Highway Blues
A8. How To Sing In Saloons (Spoken Word)

A9. Riding The Freights (Spoken Word)

A10. Rambling The Appalachians (Spoken Word)

A11. Which Side Are You On?

A12. You'd Better Get Them Singing (Spoken Word)

A13. Union Maid

A14. Songs Woody Liked (Spoken Word)
B1. New York Town

B2. Reading And Writing (Spoken Word)

B3. The Minstrel Song (Spoken Word)

B4. On The Radio, Tom Mooney And Will Geer (Spoken Word)

B5. Do Re Mi

B6. Woody Sez (Spoken Vocal)

B7. Why Do You Stand There In The Rain (Spoken Vocal)
B8. The Flip-Flop (Spoken Word)

B9. The Almanacs Go West (Spoken Word)

B10. The Sinking Of The Reuben James

B11. The Folk Process (Spoken Word)

B12. Woody's Trilogy - Hard Travelin', This Train, There's A Better World a-Coming

B13. Fighting Fascism Starts Right Here (Spoken Word)

B14. If I Had A Hammer

A1. Woody's Ghost - Part 2

A2. From WWII to The Weavers

A3. Just Make It A General Song

A4. So Long It's Been Good To Know Yuh!

A5. The Last Time I Heard Woody Sing
A6. Pastures Of Plenty

A7. The Freest Place On Earth (Spoken Word)

A8. This Machine Kills Fascists (Spoken Word)

A9. Little Arlo Writes Things Down (Spoken Word)

A10. Woody In The Balcony (Spoken Word)
B1. This Land Is Your Land

B2. The Last Visit (Spoken Word)

B3. My Peace

B4. Woody Lives On (Spoken Word)

B5. I Ain't Got No Home
B6. Howdy Little Newlycome

B7. Peace Pin Boogie

B8. Woody's "Rulin's"

B9. I've Got To Know

B10. Woody's Ghost - Part 3.

A1. Where Have All The Flowers Gone

A2. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

A3. The Water Is Wide

A4. Of Time And Rivers Flowing
A5. My Name Is Lisa Kalvelage

A6. Turn, Turn, Turn

A7. Festival Of Flowers

A8. Step By Step

A9. Blessed Be The Nation

A10. My Father's Mansions
B1. Sailing Down My Golden River

B2. Goofing Off Suite

B3. Those Three Are On My Mind

B4. How Can I Keep From Singing
B5. All Mixed Up

B6. Empty Pockets Blues

B7. Get Up And Go

B8. Old Riley

B9. If I Had A Hammer

B10. Wimoweh

A1. We Shall Overcome

A2. Bells Of Rhymney

A3. Oh Had I A Golden Thread

A4. False From True
A5. Letter To Eve

A6. Waist Deep In The Big Muddy

A7. All My Children Of The Sun

A8. Living In The Country
B1. One Grain Of Sand

B2. Old Father Hudson - Sailing Down Dirty Stream,

B3. The Torn Flag

B4. Doublin'

B5. To Everyone In The World
B6. Over The Hills

B7. I Come And Stand At Every Door

B8. My Rainbow Race

B9. Quiet Early Morning

B10. Oh, Sacred World

B11. And Still I Am Searching

A1. God's Counting On Me... God's Counting On You

A2. Old Apples

A3. Keep The Flame Alive

A4. Memories Out Of Mud
A5. A More Perfect Union

A6. This Old Man Revisited

A7. These Days In Zimbabwe

A8. Somebody Else's Eye
B1. Strange Lullabye

B2. Somos El Barco/We Are The Boat

B3. Howling For Our Supper

B4. My Neighbour?s Needs
B5. Wonderful Friends

B6. A Toast To The Times

B7. Fields Of Harmony

B8. Bountiful River


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