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Willie Nelson



Band of Brothers







Artista: Willie Nelson
Anno prima pubblicazione: 2014
Etichetta: Music on Vinyl

Numero di dischi LP: 1

Sito Ufficiale: www.willienelson.com





A1 Bring It On 2:54
A2 Guitar In The Corner 3:55
A3 The Wall 3:29
A4 Whenever You Come Around 4:13
A5 Wives And Girlfriends 3:01
A6 I Thought I Left You 3:01
A7 Send Me A Picture 3:59
B1 Used To Her 2:46
B2 The Git Go 4:09
B3 Band Of Brothers 2:50
B4 Hard To Be An Outlaw 3:09
B5 Crazy Like Me 3:15
B6 The Songwriters 3:16
B7 I've Got A Lot Of Traveling To Do 3:22


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