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The Beatles



Let It Be... Naked [2 LP]







Artista: The Beatles
Anno prima pubblicazione: 2003
Etichetta: EMI

Numero di dischi LP: 2

Durata Totale: 56 min 0 sec

Sito Ufficiale: www.beatles.com





- Let It Be... Naked
A1 Get Back 2:34
A2 Dig A Pony 3:38
A3 For You Blue 2:28
A4 The Long And Winding Road 3:34
A5 Two Of Us 3:21
A6 I've Got A Feeling 3:31
B1 One After 909 2:44
B2 Don't Let Me Down 3:19
B3 I Me Mine 2:21
B4 Across The Universe 3:38
B5 Let It Be 3:54

- Fly On The Wall
C1 Conversation
C2 Sun King 0:17
C3 Don't Let Me Down 0:35
C4 Conversation
C5 One After 909 0:09
C6 Conversation
C7 Because I Know You Love Me So 1:32
C8 Conversation
C9 Don't Pass Me By 0:03
C10 Taking A Trip To Carolina 0:19
C11 John's Piano Piece 0:18
C12 Conversation
C13 Child Of Nature 0:24
C14 Back In The USSR 0:09
C15 Conversation
C16 Every Little Thing 0:09
C17 Don't Let Me Down 1:01
C18 Conversation
C19 All Things Must Pass 0:21
D1 Conversation
D2 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window 0:05
D3 Conversation
D4 Paul's Piano Piece 1:01
D5 Conversation
D6 Get Back 0:15
D7 Conversation
D8 Two Of Us 0:22
D9 Maggie Mae 0:22
D10 Fancy My Chances With You 0:27
D11 Conversation
D12 Can You Dig It? 0:31
D13 Conversation
D14 Get Back 0:32
D15 Conversation


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