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The Beach Boys



The Smile Sessions






Artista: The Beach Boys
Anno prima pubblicazione: 2011
Etichetta: EMI

Numero di dischi LP: 2

Durata Totale: 48 min 24 sec

Sito Ufficiale: www.thebeachboys.com



A1. "Our Prayer"
A2. "Gee"
A3. "Heroes and Villains"
A4. "Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)"
A5. "I’m in Great Shape"
A6. "Barnyard"
A7. "My Only Sunshine (The Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine)"
A8. "Cabin Essence"
B1. "Wonderful"
B2. "Look (Song for Children)"
B3. "Child is Father of the Man"
B4. "Surf’s Up"

C1. "I Wanna Be Around / Workshop"
C2. "Vega-Tables"
C3. "Holidays"
C4. "Wind Chimes"
C5. "The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow)"
C6. "Love to Say Dada"
C7. "Good Vibrations"
D1. "You’re Welcome (Stereo Mix)"
D2. "Vega-Tables (Stereo Mix)"
D3. "Wind Chimes (Stereo Mix)"
D4. "Cabin Essence (Session Highlights and Stereo Backing Track)"
D5. "Surf’s Up (Session Excerpt and Stereo Mix)"


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