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Red Hot Chili Peppers



By the Way [2 LP]







Artista: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Anno prima pubblicazione: 2002
Etichetta: Warner Bros

Numero di dischi LP: 2

Durata Totale: 68 min 46 sec

Sito Ufficiale: www.redhotchilipeppers.it





A1 By The Way
A2 Universal Speaking
A3 This Is The Place
A4 Dosed
B1 Don't Forget Me
B2 The Zephyr Song
B3 Can't Stop
B4 I Could Die For You

C1 Midnight
C2 Throw Away Your Television
C3 Cabron
C4 Tear
D1 On Mercury
D2 Minor Thing
D3 Warm Tape
D4 Venice Queen


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