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Sly and The Family Stone



Higher! [Cofanetto 8xLP]






Artista: Sly And The Family Stone
Anno prima pubblicazione: 2013
Etichetta: Music on Vinyl

Numero di dischi LP: 8

Sito Ufficiale: www.slystonemusic.com





• 77 Brani, 8LP e raro Box Set
• Vinili incisi ad Alta Qualità 180 Grammi Audiophile
• 17 Tracce mai pubblicate prima
• Include Singoli in Mono, Registrazioni dal Vivo, Studio Outtakes, rarissimi brani instrumentali
• Cofanetto Deluxe 12x12 pollici
• Libro esclusivo di 104 pagine con Note lineari, Annotazioni Track-By-Track , and Timeline of Sly’s Life and Career
• Stunning Rare and Unseen Photographs, Posters, Picture Sleeves, Single Labels, Ticket Stubs, Recording  Documents, Vintage Advertisements and Other Memorabilia


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1. I Just Learned How To Swim* (by Sly Stewart)
2. Scat Swim* (by Sly Stewart)
3. Buttermilk (Part 1)* (by Sly)
4. Dance All Night* (by Sly and Freddie)
5. Temptation Walk* (Part 1) (by Sly)
6. I Ain’t Got Nobody (For Real)
7. I Can’t Turn You Loose
8. Higher* (single master)
9. Underdog* (single master)
10. Bad Risk* (single master)
11. Let Me Hear It From You* (single master)
12. Advice*
13. If This Room Could Talk*

1. I Cannot Make It*
2. Trip To Your Heart*
3. I Hate To Love Her*
4. Silent Communication previously unissued
5. I Get High On You (version one) previously unissued
6. I Remember previously unissued
7. My Woman’s Head (instrumental) previously unissued
8. What’s That Got To Do With Me previously unissued
9. Fortune And Fame previously unissued
10. What Would I Do

1. Only One Way Out Of This Mess
2. I Know What You Came To Say previously unissued
3. Dance To The Music* (single master)
4. Ride The Rhythm
5. Color Me True
6. Are You Ready
7. Don’t Burn Baby
8. We Love All
9. Danse A La Musique* (by The French Fries)
10. Small Fries* (by The French Fries)
11. Chicken* (single master)

1. Into My Own Thing
2. Life* (single master)
3. Love City* previously unissued mix
4. M'lady* (single master)
5. Dynamite! (featuring Johnny Robinson on vocals) previously unissued
6. Undercat (instrumental) previously unissued
7. Everyday People* (single master)
8. Sing A Simple Song* (single master)
9. I Get High On You (version two) previously unissued
10. Wonderful World Of Color (instrumental) previously unissued
11. Pressure

1. I Want To Take You Higher* (single master)
2. Seven More Days
3. Feathers (instrumental) previously unissued
4. Somebody's Watching You
5. Sex Machine
6. Hot Fun In The Summertime* (single master)
7. Everybody Is A Star* (single master)

1. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)* (single master)
2. Stand! (Live)
3. You Can Make It If You Try (Live)
5. Dance To The Music (Live) previously unissued
6. Medle: Music Lover / I Want To Take You Higher / Music Lover (Live) previously unissued
7. Luv N' Haight (single master)
8. Family Affair

1. Brave & Strong* (single master)
2. Runnin' Away* (single master)
3. (You Caught Me) Smilin' (single master)
4. Spaced Cowboy
5. You’re The One (Live)* previously unissued
6. In Time
7. If You Want Me To Stay (single master)
8. Frisky* (single master)
9. Skin I’m In

1. If It Were Left Up To Me* (single master)
2. Time For Livin’* (single master)
3. Can’t Strain My Brain (single master)
4. Loose Booty
5. Le Lo Li (single master) (by Sly Stone)
6. Crossword Puzzle (single master) (by Sly Stone)
7. Family Again
8. Hoboken (by Sly Stone)
9. High (by Sly Stone) previously unissued


* Edizione Mono