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New Orleans Soul 1967






Artista: Vari Artisti
Anno prima pubblicazione: 2018
Etichetta: History of Soul

Numero di dischi LP: 1





By the end of 1967, the music business in the Crescent City was in a bad way, and after Cosimo Matassa's downfall, recording activity in the city fell off a cliff. As in 1966, over 400 Crescent City recorded soul songs were issued in 1967. This number dropped to less than 100 in 1968. This was truly the end of an era. Like its predecessor album which covered 1966, this LP brings together the best soul tracks recorded in New Orleans in 1967. At this time southern soul was in the ascendant but as usual the musical background of the Crescent City - jazz, R & B, the Caribbean - ensured that music recorded there always had a rhythmic twist and arrangements all of their own. New Orleans - the joker in the soul pack for sure. No national hits here, just the sound of the streets.


A1. Carlies Allen - You Better Know What You're Doing

A2. G Davis & R Tyler - Hold On Help Is On The Way

A3. Sammy King - Ain't That Satisfaction

A4. Aaron Neville - A Hard Nut To Crack

A5. Al Reed - 99 44% Pure Love

A6. Charles Mann - I'm Too Far Gone

A7. Beverly Brown - You Got Me Helpless

A8. Tony Owens - I Got Soul

B1. Johnny Adams - Time And Time Again

B2. Senator Jones - Call The Sheriff

B3. Charles Brimmer - The Glide

B4. Booney Taylor - If You're Gonna Love Me

B5. Guitar Ray - Funky Pete Pt 1

B6. Tammy Mcknight - Stop These Teardrops

B7. Barons - I've Got A Feeling

B8. Curtis Johnson - I've Got To Get Away From You

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