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Judy Is A Punk [Singolo 45 Giri]






Artista: Ramones
Anno prima pubblicazione: 1975
Etichetta: Norton Records

Numero di dischi LP: 1

Sito Ufficiale: www.ramones.com





Recently discovered 1975 lost demo alternate versions of "Judy Is A Punk". Straight from the original demo master tape. Miriam Linna (Cramps, A-Bones) left Ohio in 1975 in search of the Ramones and found them through working for the legendary record man, Marty Thau. Just prior to Marty launching the groundbreaking Red Star Records label, he funded these first Ramones demos. 30+ years after first meeting Marty, Linna and her husband Billy Miller of the infamous Norton Records label purchased these recordings. Miriam's search for the Ramones was indeed complete! While listening to this demo tape in the Fall of 2015, these alternate versions were discovered. They are presented here for the first time. Limited to 1,000 - 200 Colored vinyl pieces randomly shipped.




A1 Judy Is A Punk (Lost 1975 Demo Versions)

B1 Judy Is A Punk (Lost 1975 Demo Versions)

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