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Half Japanese



Half Gentlemen Not Beasts [Cofanetto 4LP]






Artista: Half Japanese
Anno prima pubblicazione: 1980
Etichetta: Fire/Cargo Records

Numero di dischi LP: 4




Esclusiva per il Record Store Day 2013 la nuova Ristampa ufficiale del disco di debutto della band Punk Rock Americana HALF JAPANESE, pubblicato per la prima volta nel 1980. Il Cofanetto speciale contiene 4 Vinili 180Grammi, un Libro di 32 pagine, il Poster originale Jad Fair (30x60cm) e un voucher per scaricare tutte le tracce in formato digitale. Tiratura limitata a 1000 Copie in tutto il Mondo.




A1 No Direct Line From My Brain To My Heart
A2 10th Ave. Freezeout
A3 Ta Sheri Ta Ta
A4 My Girlfriend Lives Like A Beatnik
A5 Her Parents Come Home
A6 Shhh/ Shhh/ Shhh
A7 Girls Like That
A8 Rrrrrrrr
A9 No More Beatle Mania
B1 Tangled Up In Blue
B2 Patti Smith
B3 School Of Love
B4 Jodi Foster
B5 Shy Around Girls
B6 Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
B7 Bogue Millionaires/ Cool Millionaires
B8 Tn Tn Tn Tn Ki

C1 I Can't Stand It Any More
C2 I Love Oriental Girls
C3 Dream Date
C4 Du Du Du / Du Du Du
C5 Ain't Too Proud To Beg
C6 Ann Arbor. Mi.
C7 I'm Going To The Zoo
C8 Shi Yi Yi
C9 Rave On
C10 I Ta Nasi Si Na Mi Eee
C11 Till Victory
C12 Rip My Shirt To Shreds
D1 I Don't Want To Have Mono No More
D2 She Cracked
D3 Bbbbbbbb/ Bbbbbbbb / Bbbbbbbb
D4 Funky Broadway Medley
D5 I'm Sorry
D6 T/ T/ T/ T/ T/ T
D7 The Worst I'd Ever Do

E1 Live In Baltimore Md
F1 Live In Washington Dc

G1 Fools Paradise
G2 Don't You Know That
G3 Foggy Notion
G4 If You're So Smart
G5 Interview
G6 Be A Wildman
G7 Lo And Behold
G8 Ufo
G9 Anything I Can Do
G10 Hey Romeo
G11 10th Ave Freezeout
G12 Downdududdown
G13 Man Of Mystery
G14 One More Day
H1 Battle Of The Bands
H2 Worst I'd Ever Do
H3 Ann Arbour, Mi
H4 School Of Love
H5 Her Parents Came Home
H6 Shy Around Girls
H7 Dream Date
H8 Bogue Millionaires / Cool Millionaires
H9 Knock On Wood
H10 Top Secret
H11 Guitar Solo
H12 Calling All Girls
H13 Nobody
H14 Stooges Medley
H15 Wild Party
H16 Babylon


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