Vinile The Fall And Rise And Fall Of Inferno Sci-Fi LP

The Fall And Rise And Fall Of

  • Data Pubblicazione: 2012
  • Etichetta: Subsound Records
  • Numero Dischi: 1
  • Durata Totale: 34' 53"
  • Sito Ufficiale:


1. We Are The Remulans
2. Cartilago Delenda Est
3. Piyuk Kytup
4. Eel Boots And The Curse Of The Skinny Horses
5. Codename: Radargi
6. Meet The Meatballs 5
7. A Maiden Without Irony pt.1
8. Halls Apocalyptus
9. Dead Man Walkman
10. We Are The Samples
11. Tuesday Is The New Monday
12. In Deep Bogaard
13. A Maiden Without Irony pt.2
14. Charly Ziplock


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