Music For A French Elevator And Other Oddities 2xLP

Music For A French Elevator And Other Oddities

  • Data Pubblicazione: 2013
  • Etichetta: Temporary Residence Limited
  • Numero Dischi: 2


A1 Fralite
A2 Egaberte
A3 Liternite
A4 It's Musiiiiic!
A5 The Joy Of Nature
A6 Meditation Outtakes
A7 A Long Villainous Sequence
A8 Millions Of Millions
A9 Of The Word God
A10 Ghost Train Digest
A11 You'll Never Be Alone
A12 'Ah..., I See'
A13 Three Day Night
A14 Classy Penguin
B1 8 Frame
B2 Smack My Bishop
B3 Biospheric Quiet
B4 Happy Lawyers
B5 Hericlitus
B6 John's Arp
B7 Foreign Country And Western
B8 Dustbowl
C1 Biospheric Doubletime
C2 Drowned But Survived
C3 Pickup Dark
C4 Hermetic
C5 Circle Of Fifths Loop
C6 Past Comes Welling Up
C7 Electro Lawyers
C8 Mars, OK
C9 Biospheric Dark
C10 Flythrough
C11 Running Down
C12 8 Tons Of Oxygen
D1 10,000 Crows
D2 John's Epiphany
D3 Lawyer Lullaby
D4 Hokie Ranch
D5 2over3 Lawyers
D6 Glass Glass
D7 Biospheric Zither
D8 Found Frozen Corndog
D9 Cello Song
D10 Epilogue
D11 Pig


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