Reggae Essentials LP | Vinile Yellowman

Reggae Essentials


1 Zungguzungguguzungguzeng
2 Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt
3 Mister Chin
4 Morning Ride
5 Still Be a Lady/Girls Can't Do What the Guys Do
6 Path Of Righteousness
7 Celebrate Our Struggle
8 Happiness of One
9 Sweet Sound of Freedom
10 We Shall Overcome


Duppy Or Gunman LP - Vinile Yellowman

Duppy Or Gunman


A1 Lost Mi Love
A2 Mr. Chin
A3 Two To Six Super Mix
A4 Morning Ride
A5 ...Did A Hurt Me
B1 Natty Sat Upon The Rock
B2 How You Keep A Dance
B3 Jamaica A Little Miami
B4 Duppy Or Gunmna
B5 Yellowman Getting Married


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