- Magnet
A1 Love Needs A Saving Hand
A2 Zeit Ohne Zeit
A3 Love Is Always On Your Side
A4 Unter Meiner Uniform
A5 The Other Side
B1 Love Me
B2 Keiner Fühlts Wie Wir
B3 Everybody Lies At Night
B4 Fake Of Pleasure
B5 Dead Love

- Propeller
C1 Black Generation
C2 Männermusik
C3 Synchronizing Bodies
C4 An Alle Krieger!
C5 Nyctophiliac
D1 2 Tote
D2 Before I Go
D3 U-Boot-Krieg In Ost-Berlin
D4 Up & Down
D5 New Wave Mother

- Achtung 80
E1 Let’s Get Higher
E2 My Angel
E3 She's Triple
E4 Somebody’s Song
E5 Bad Girl
F1 The Fighter
F2 Girls On Girls
F3 Why Don’t You Let Me Go
F4 Love Trashing Girls
F5 Your Pet Is A Ticking Bomb!


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