Hank Williams

I'm Gonna Sing 2xLP

I'm Gonna Sing

Descrizione: "I'm Gonna Sing: The Mother's Best Gospel Radio Recordings" è il titolo di una nuova raccolta ufficiale del cantautore Americano Hank Williams. Il disco include 40 brani rari rimasterizzati. In vendita l'edizione esclusiva in un triplo vinile 180 grammi.


1. I Am Bound For The Promised Land (2019 - Remaster) (3:46)
2. I'll Fly Away (Acetate Version 21) [2019 - Remaster] (2:07)
3. Thirty Pieces Of Silver (2019 - Remaster) (3:55)
4. The Old Country Church (2019 - Remaster) (4:08)
5. Jesus Died For Me (2019 - Remaster) (2:29)
6. Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine (2019 - Remaster) (3:53)
7. Searching For A Soldier's Grave (2019 - Remaster) (4:15)
8. Something Got Hold of Me (2019 - Remaster) (2:27)
9. When God Dips His Love In My Heart (2019 - Remaster) (3:04)
10. Lord Build Me A Cabin (2019 - Remaster) (3:09)
11. Drifting Too Far From The Shore (2019 - Remaster) (2:17)
12. That Beautiful Home (2019 - Remaster) (3:26)
13. I'm Gonna Sing (Acetate Version 157) [2019 - Remaster] (2:04)
14. Lonely Tombs (Oh Those Tombs) [Acetate Version 7] [2019 - Remaster] (3:41)
15. How Can You Refuse Him (2019 - Remaster) (1:48)
16. Where He Leads Me (2019 - Remaster) (2:23)
17. At The Cross (2019 - Remaster) (3:17)
18. The Blind Child's Prayer (2019 - Remaster) (3:42)
19. I Saw The Light (Acetate Version 3) [2019 - Remaster] (2:10)
20. Farther Along (2019 - Remaster) (3:25)
21. Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet (Acetate Version 14) [2019 - Remaster] (2:54)
22. I'll Have A New Life (Acetate Version 29) [2019 - Remaster] (2:13)
23. Precious Lord Take My Hand (2019 - Remaster) (2:24)
24. I Heard My Mother Praying For Me (Acetate Version 4) [2019 - Remaster] (2:19)
25. Steal Away / The Funeral (2019 - Remaster) (4:39)
26. From Jerusalem To Jericho (2019 - Remaster) (4:01)
27. I've Got A One-Way Ticket To The Sky (2019 - Remaster) (2:27)
28. I Dreamed That The Great Judgement Morning (2019 - Remaster) (5:46)
29. Softly And Tenderly (2019 - Remaster) (4:01)
30. Where The Soul Never Dies (2019 - Remaster) (1:56)
31. When The Fire Comes Down From Heaven (2019 - Remaster) (2:26)
32. I Dreamed About Mama Last Night (Acetate Version 24) [2019 - Remaster] (3:08)
33. The Prodigal Son (2019 - Remaster) (3:10)
34. Jesus Remembered Me (2019 - Remaster) (2:42)
35. Dust On The Bible (2019 - Remaster) (3:01)
36. Dear Brother (Acetate Version 5) [2019 - Remaster] (3:01)
37. The Pale Horse And His Rider (2019 - Remaster) (3:37)
38. I Heard My Savior Calling Me (Acetate Version 147) [2019 - Remaster] (2:25)
39. Wait For The Light To Shine (Acetate Version 24) [2019 - Remaster] (3:13)
40. When The Saints Go Marching In (2019 - Remaster) (2:54)


Six More Miles to the Graveyard 6xLP

Six More Miles to the Graveyard


A1 Calling You
A2 Never Again (Will I Knock On Your Door)
A3 Wealth Won't Save Your Soul
A4 When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels
A5 I Don't Care (If Tomorrow Never Comes)
A6 My Love For You (Has Turned To Hate)
A7 Pan American
A8 Move It On Over
A9 I Saw The Light
B1 (Last Night) I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep
B2 Six More Miles (To The Graveyard)
B3 Fly Trouble
B4 I'm Satisfied With You
B5 On The Banks Of The Old Pontchartrain
B6 Rootie Tootle
B7 I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind
B8 I'm A Long Gone Daddy
B9 Honky Tonkin'

C1 My Sweet Love Ain’t Around
C2 The Blues Come Around
C3 A Mansion On The Hill
C4 I’ll Be A Bachelor ‘Til I Die
C5 There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight
C6 Lovesick Blues
C7 Lost On The River
C8 I Heard My Mother Praying For Me
C9 Lost Highway
D1 May You Never Be Alone
D2 Dear Brother
D3 Jesus Remembered Me
D4 Honky Tonk Blues
D5 Mind Your Own Business
D6 You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)
D7 My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
D8 Wedding Bells
D9 I’ve Just Told Mama Goodbye

E1 I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
E2 A House Without Love
E3 I Just Don’t Like This Kind Of Living
E4 My Bucket’s Cot A Hole In It
E5 Long Cone Lonesome Blues
E6 Why Don’t You Love Me
E7 Why Should We Try Anymore
E8 My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
E9 Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals
F1 Beyond The Sunset
F2 The Funeral
F3 Everything’s Okay
F4 They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me
F5 Nobody’s Lonesome For Me
F6 Moanin’ The Blues
F7 Help Me Understand
F8 No, No Joe
F9 Cold, Cold Heart

G1 Dear John
G2 Just Waitin’
G3 Men With Broken Hearts
G4 I Can’t Help It
G5 Howlin’ At The Moon
G6 Hey, Good Lookin’
G7 My Heart Would Know
G8 The Pale Horse And His Rider
G9 A Home In Heaven
H1 Ramblin’ Man
H2 Pictures From Life’s Other Side
H3 I’ve Been Down That Road Before
H4 I Dreamed About Mama Last Night
H5 (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle
H6 Crazy Heart
H7 Half As Much
H8 I’d Still Want You
H9 Baby, We’re Really In Love

I1 I’m Sorry For You My Friend
I2 Honky Tonk Blues
I3 Let’s Turn Back The Years
I4 Window Shopping
I5 Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
I6 Settin’ The Woods On Fire
I7 I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
I8 You Win Again
J1 I Won’t Be Home No More
J2 Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw
J3 Please Make Up Your Mind
J4 I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
J5 Your Cheatin’ Heart
J6 Kaw-Liga
J7 Take These Chains From My Heart

K1 Happy Rovin’ Cowboy (1939-1940)
K2 Freight Train Blues (late 1940)
K3 San Antonio Rose (late 1940)
K4 I’m Not Coming Home Any More (4/07/1942)
K5 I Ain’t Gonna Love You Any More (circa 1942)
K6 Won’t You Sometimes Think Of Me (1947-1948)
K7 Why Should I Cry (1947-1948)
K8 I Watched My Dream World Crumble Like Clay (1947-1948)
K9 I Told A Lie To My Heart (1947-1948)
L1 Mother Is Gone (1947-1948)
L2 In My Dreams You Still Belong To Me (1947-1948)
L3 We’re Getting Closer To The Grave Each Day (1949)
L4 (I’m) Going Home (1949)
L5 Calling You (1947-1948)
L6 Pan American (Dec. 1946)
L7 Wealth Won’t Save Your Soul (Dec 1946)
L8 Honky Tonk Blues (1947-1948)
L9 A Home In Heaven (1947-1948)
L10 You Broke Your Own Heart (1947)
L11 I’m So Tired Of It All (1947)


  • Data Pubblicazione: 2010
  • Etichetta: Doxy
  • Numero Dischi: 6
Shreveport Sessions 2LP

Shreveport Sessions


A1 You Caused It All By Telling Lies
A2 Faded Love And Winter Roses
A3 Please Don’t Let Me Love You
A4 There’s No Room In My Heart For The Blues
A5 I Wish I Had A Nickel
A6 The Waltz Of The Wind
A7 At The First Fall Of Snow
A8 Leave Me Alone With The Blues
A9 I’m Free At Last
A10 Blue Love (In My Heart)
A11 It Just Don’t Matter Now
B1 Little Paper Boy
B2 Someday You’ll Call My Name
B3 The Battle Of Armageddon
B4 No One Will Ever Know
B5 With Tears In My Eyes
B6 Thank God
B7 Rock My Cradle Once Again
B8 Don’t Do It Darling
B9 Rockin’Chair Money
B10 Cool Water
C1 Tennessee Border
C2 First Year Blues
C3 My Main Trial Is Yet To Come
C4 Wait For The Light To Shine
C5 We Live In Two Different Worlds
C6 Roly Poly
C7 Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love
C8 Dixie Cannonball
C9 Sundown And Sorrow
C10 The Devil’s Train
C11 The Old Home
D1 Alone And Forsaken
D2 Heaven Holds All My Treasures
D3 Lost On The River
D4 A House Of Gold
D5 Singing Waterfall
D6 Dear Brother With Kitty Wells And Johnnie Wright
D7 ‘Neath A Cold Gray Tomb Of Stone
D8 Time Has Proven I Was Wrong With Curley Williams
D9 No, Not Now With Curley Williams
D10 When You’re Tired Of Breaking Others Hearts
D11 Honey, Do You Love Me, Huh


  • Data Pubblicazione: 2010
  • Etichetta: Doxy
  • Numero Dischi: 2
Sing Me a Blue Song LP

Sing Me a Blue Song


A1 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
A2 A House Without Love
A3 I Just Don't Like This Kind Of Livin'
A4 My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
A5 Long Gone Lonesome Blues
A6 Why Don't You Love Me
A7 Why Should We Try Anymore
A8 My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
A9 Too Many Parties And To Many Pals
B1 Beyond The Sunset
B2 The Funeral
B3 Everything's Okay
B4 They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
B5 Nobody's Lonesome For Me
B6 Moanin' The Blues
B7 Help Me Understand
B8 No, No Joe
B9 Cold, Cold Heart


  • Data Pubblicazione: 1957
  • Etichetta: Doxy
  • Numero Dischi: 1

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