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Sandinista! 3xLP | Vinili The Clash


Descrizione: "Sandinista!" è il titolo del quarto album in studio del gruppo Britannico The Clash, pubblicato per la prima volta nel Dicembre del 1980. Il disco include 36 brani inediti, compresi i primi tre singoli estratti "The Call Up", "Hitsville UK" e "The Magnificent Seven". In vendita la ristampa del 2017 in un triplo vinile 140 grammi inciso ad alta qualità con all'interno il coupon per scaricare gratuitamente l'intero album in formato digitale (MP3).


A1 The Magnificent Seven 5:25
A2 Hitsville U.K. 4:17
A3 Junco Partner 4:49
A4 Ivan Meets G.I. Joe 3:12
A5 The Leader 1:32
A6 Something About England 3:40
B1 Rebel Waltz 3:22
B2 Look Here 2:42
B3 The Crooked Beat 5:29
B4 Somebody Got Murdered 3:27
B5 One More Time 3:30
B6 One More Dub 3:32
C1 Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice) 4:48
C2 Up In Heaven (Not Only Here) 4:25
C3 Corner Soul 2:40
C4 Lets Go Crazy 4:20
C5 If Music Could Talk 4:33
C6 The Sound Of Sinners 3:57
D1 Police On My Back 3:14
D2 Midnight Log 2:07
D3 The Equaliser 5:45
D4 The Call Up 5:15
D5 Washington Bullets 3:48
D6 Broadway 4:53
D7 Blowing In The Guns Of Brixton 0:49
E1 Lose This Skin 5:03
E2 Charlie Don't Surf 4:52
E3 Mensforth Hill 3:40
E4 Junkie Slip 2:47
E5 Kingston Advice 2:34
E6 The Street Parade 3:24
F1 Version City 4:01
F2 Living In Fame 4:55
F3 Silicone On Sapphire 4:27
F4 Version Pardner 5:18
F5 Career Opportunities 2:28
F6 Shepherds Delight 3:22



  • Data Pubblicazione: 1980
  • Etichetta: We Are Vinyl
  • Numero Dischi: 3
  • Durata Totale: 124' 29''
  • Sito Ufficiale: www.theclash.com
The Cure 7xLP | Fade Away: The Early Years Box

Fade Away: The Early Years Box


- Three Imaginary Boys
A1 10:15 Saturday Night
A2 Accuracy
A3 Grinding Halt
A4 Another Day
A5 Object
A6 Subway Song
B1 Foxy Lady
B2 Meathook
B3 So What
B4 Fire In Cairo
B5 It's Not You
B6 Three Imaginary Boys
B7 The Weedy Burton

- Seventeen Seconds
C1 A Reflection
C2 Play For Today
C3 Secrets
C4 In Your House
C5 Three
C6 Cult Hero – I'm A Cult Hero
C7 Cult Hero – I Dig You
D1 The Final Sound
D2 A Forest
D3 M
D4 At Night
D5 Seventeen Seconds
D6 Another Journey By Train
E1 A Reflection (Live)
E2 Play For Today (Live)
E3 Secrets (Home Demo)
E4 In Your House (Live)
E5 Three (Alt Studio Mix)
E6 Cult Hero – I'm A Cult Hero (Live)
F1 The Final Sound (Live)
F2 A Forest (Live)
F3 M (Live)
F4 At Night (Live)
F5 Seventeen Seconds (Live)
F6 Cult Hero – I Dig You (Live)

- Faith
G1 The Holy Hour
G2 Primary
G3 Other Voices
G4 All Cats Are Grey
H1 The Funeral Party
H2 Doubt
H3 The Drowning Man
H4 Faith
I1 Carnage Visors/The Soundtrack
J1 Charlotte Sometimes
J2 Going Home Time
J3 The Violin Song
J4 A Normal Story
J5 Forever

- Pornography
K1 One Hundred Years
K2 A Short Term Effect
K3 The Hanging Garden
K4 Siamese Twins
L1 The Figurehead
L2 A Strange Day
L3 Cold
L4 Pornography
M1 Temptation Two (AKA LGTB)
M2 Airlock / The Soundtrack
M3 Cold (Live)
N1 A Strange Day (Live)
N2 Pornography (Live)
N3 All Mine (Live)
N4 A Short Term Effect (Live)
N5 Siamese Twins (Live) 


  • Data Pubblicazione: 2009
  • Etichetta: Vinyl Lovers
  • Numero Dischi: 7
  • Sito Ufficiale: www.thecure.com
Arabia Mountain LP | Vinile Black Lips

Arabia Mountain


A1 Family Tree
A2 Modern Art
A3 Spidey's Curse
A4 Mad Dog
A5 Mr. Driver
A6 Bicentennial Man
A7 Go Out And Get It
A8 Raw Meat
B1 Bone Marrow
B2 The Lie
B3 Time
B4 Dumpster Dive
B5 New Direction
B6 Noc-A-Homa
B7 Don't Mess Up My Baby
B8 You Keep On Running


  • Data Pubblicazione: 2011
  • Etichetta: Cooperative Music
  • Numero Dischi: 1
  • Durata Totale: 41' 15''
  • Sito Ufficiale: www.black-lips.com
Rocket To Russia LP | Vinili Ramones

Rocket To Russia


1. Cretin Hop - 1:56
2. Rockaway Beach - 2:06
3. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - 2:49
4. Locket Love - 2:11
5. I Don't Care - 1:39
6. Sheena Is a Punk Rocker - 2:49
7. We're a Happy Family - 2:30
8. Teenage Lobotomy - 2:01
9. Do You Wanna Dance? - 1:55
10. I Wanna Be Well - 2:28
11. I Can't Give You Anything - 2:01
12. Ramona - 2:35
13. Surfin' Bird - 2:36
14. Why Is It Always This Way? - 2:15


  • Data Pubblicazione: 1977
  • Etichetta: Rhino Records
  • Numero Dischi: 1
  • Durata Totale: 32' 12''
  • Sito Ufficiale: www.ramones.com
Night Drive 2xLP | Vinili Chromatics

Night Drive


1. The Telephone Call (1:50)
2. Night Drive (3:44)
3. I Want Your Love (6:41)
4. Running Up That Hill (6:06)
5. Killing Spree (3:59)
6. Healer (3:53)
7. Mask (5:35)
8. Tomorrow Is So Far Away (7:12)
9. Let's Make This A Moment To Remember (3:30)
10. Tick Of The Clock (15:39)
11. Shining Violence (3:16)
12. Circled Sun (4:07)
13. Bell (2:37)
14. The Gemini (4:00)
15. Accelerator (7:29)


  • Data Pubblicazione: 2007
  • Etichetta: Italians Do It Better
  • Numero Dischi: 2
  • Durata Totale: 79' 33''
  • Sito Ufficiale: www.italiansdoitbetter.com

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